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The deployment of governance within your organization marks an important change in certain processes within your organization.

KAMINA Group accompanies you so that this work is perfectly adapted to your situation and to your fields of activity. For this, we propose several strategies:


The pre-deployment allows you to test our solution on a limited number of projects/situations. You analyze the results and give your GO/NO GO for the full deployment.


Deployment consists of implementing governance and activity management throughout your organization.



This stage of your project is based on the implementation of a full-scale “test” of your future work management during a certain period.

At the end of this work, a complete report is drawn up for your management, which will decide on the next stage of the deployment with full knowledge of the facts.

Key points

Kamina Group provides you with a governance expert.

  • Analysis of your current situation
  • Setup of the collaborative platform
  • Data collection for a defined number of projects
  • Weekly consolidation with project managers
  • Monthly consolidation with management
  • Assessment of the pre-deployment
  • Presentation to management
  • You have a full-scale test within your organization.
  • You can see the successes and adaptations of the tested approach

We offer you different deployment strategies including a complete development plan on all the following axes


Deployment is the implementation of governance and business management throughout your organization.

The deployment project will change many aspects of your organization’s business so that you can achieve the expected benefits in terms of operational management of your activities

Axes of deployment

Corporate culture

The implementation of Governance will change the usual practices of many employees within your organization, notably by modifying work procedures, adding methods, using new tools, etc.

These changes must be accompanied by professional training for your teams (PMO, project managers, teams, management, etc.).

Enterprise methodology

New working methods will be implemented in order to facilitate and strengthen the work of your specialists, especially in the context of your strategic development projects.

It is vital that the methods and new work standards that will be implemented reinforce the work of your teams and the mission of your organization.

Business processes

Many business processes will be “affected” by the evolution of your organization’s governance and management tools.

It will be important to take into consideration a harmonious integration with finance, purchasing, legal, quality, etc.


The tools necessary for the management and governance of your organization will generate changes in the working methods, processes and habits of your employees.

Intuitive, efficient and secure tools are essential to the success of your deployment.

Data migration

The recovery of data from your current system is vital to the success of the deployment and must not disrupt the continuity of work in progress.

Implementing a data migration and recovery strategy that allows for business continuity will simplify the acceptance process for new governance mechanisms.


The concept of maintenance for each of the above system components must be included in the initial thinking because if your organization evolves, it is imperative that the tools, processes, training, etc. can continue to support the new system.

Deployment project

The deployment axes are analyzed with you in order to define a strategy for implementing the new processes and governance platform, while respecting the daily activities and operational constraints of your teams. The customization of your deployment project will include 3 essential steps that will be broken down into specific activities and will involve different actors.

The diagram below illustrates your deployment project:

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