Consulting services prices vary from CHF 160 to CHF 250 per hour depending on the duration of the mandate.

The training services are calculated on the basis of a daily fixed price ranging from CHF 1800 to CHF 2500 depending on the complexity of your field of activity and your projects.

KAMINA Suite platform

We use a billing system based on a monthly or annual rental for a fixed period.

The rental rates include the secure hosting of your site, unlimited storage, maintenance of your entire system, new versions of KAMINA Suite as well as free access for all users doing only time entry.

The rental rate prices varies from CHF 60 to CHF 120 per user and per month depending on the number of licenses for your company.

Your project

The pre-deployment phase allows you to test and size the governance processes according to the needs and means of your organization. In this pre-deployment phase, we provide you with a complete package (see details below) for an investment that you control perfectly.

The price of this service is based on a monthly package including :

  • A PMO expert during the whole period who will be in charge of setting up your site, configuring the platform to your image, reporting with the project managers and consolidating with the management
  • The AI management of your governance
  • A KAMINA Suite platform customized for your organization
  • A defined number of projects
  • A defined duration

At the end of the defined period, a full report is provided to the company’s management on the “pilot” experience and a set of recommendations for a potential deployment within the whole organization.

This “pilot” project allows the company to control the risks and impacts of such a major organizational change.

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