Why governance is a key success factor for your company's success?

Project governance

Governance typically represents the system and set of rules and processes that manage evolution and prepare for the future. In the context of a company or organisation, it makes it possible to establish the framework necessary for the management of strategic development and for its proper functioning.

Good governance ensures a coherent and strong strategic vision and guarantees that projects and activities are well managed. It is also an indisputable plus for your teams who will understand the what, the how and the why.


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6 reasons to set up a good governance

There is no single way to implement good governance in your organization. Each company has its own way of operating. However, good governance will help to:

1. Drive the strategic development

Once the strategic objectives have been defined, it is necessary to have dashboards, reliable information and a team that is mobilized to meet these challenges. Governance allows, with the help of a collaborative platform, to implement processes and tools in order to collect/organize the essential information to pilot effectively and maintain the course in the short, medium and long term. - Budget, finances - Planning - Resource allocation - Document management - Anticipate decisions to be made in order to maintain objectives

2. Managing human capital

The human capital of your organization is essential. Governance allows you to capitalize, manage and develop the know-how of your teams. You are thus able to identify the key people, the relevant collaborators according to the tasks. By extension and thanks to a better recognition of the skills of your teams, you also improve their satisfaction and their loyalty to your organization.

3. Capitalize on projects and be able to reproduce them

Each project has its own specificities but governance allows you to create processes and identify common structures for each type of project. You learn from each successful project, you can evaluate and avoid repeating mistakes. You capitalize on each project and can improve your processes over time.

4. Consolidating the company’s know-how

Implementing a good knowledge management leads to an increase in efficiency and productivity. It also avoids reinventing processes that are already in place. Governance supports you in this knowledge management and helps you to identify, organize, analyze, document and finally share it.

5. Work remotely / Digitalization

Today, digitalization and remote work are part of the daily life or, at least, part of the challenges of a large majority of companies. It is therefore important to integrate these factors into your organization, both for teleworking teams and for external partners. With good governance, you have processes and tools in place to facilitate remote activities for all stakeholders... safely.

6. Stay agile

It's important to stay agile. A changing economy, increasing competition, and the emergence of new technologies require flexibility and agility at all levels. Governance creates an agile mindset and leadership so that your teams are the actors of change and can effectively "support" management.

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