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KAMINA accompanies you for the optimization of the use of your resources as much human as financial. For that, our tailor-made services are articulated around three distinct but complementary axes:

Analysis of your situation and implementation of a plan

Professional training

Setting up your collaborative platform

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  • Analysis of your current organization to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the processes and teams in place. This step is crucial because the strengths of your organization must endure and serve as a foundation for the implementation/adaptation of processes
  • Tactical analysis to determine a customized strategy for implementing your governance and optimizing your current processes
  • Implementation of processes, deliverables and tools specific to the governance of your organization
  • Integration of governance processes with ongoing organizational services
  • Implementation of new working techniques such as agile working and remote working (home) as well as new processes (e.g. ICS – Internal Control System)
    Creation of management dashboards adapted to the company’s strategy.


  • The governance training catalog includes a range of topics from the implementation of the strategic development plan derived from the corporate strategy to the annual assessment of the work done, including the operational management month after month.
  • The training programs are adapted to your employees and the configuration of the collaborative platform. A personalized training plan is set up in conjunction with your needs that may include :
    • Governance processes and integration into the permanent organization
    • Implementation and use of a collaborative platform
    • Implementation and integration of specific tools
    • Planning of your strategic development
    • Consolidation and operational follow-up of your organization’s development
    • Support for your teams (coaching)
    • etc.
      Our training offer is adapted to your field of activity and your organization.
  • Creation of a continuous training plan to integrate new employees (self-training, e-learning, etc.)
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In today’s company, there are many projects and activities that are carried out to achieve strategic objectives. This volume of information and data requires the integration and the relevant use of tools and a collaborative platform that allows to measure and pilot the performance of the work done.

A collaborative platform that adapts to your organization!

A platform that is adapted and adaptable to the type of activities of your organization will reinforce the support of your employees and specialists.

Another major issue is not to create a significant administrative overload following the implementation of governance processes. Creating a reasonable balance is a key success factor for successful governance and the choice of platform is crucial in this context.

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